Liwell - Flip Flow Screening Machines

  • Liwell - Flip Flow Screening Machines Liwell - Flip Flow Screening Machines
  • Liwell - Flip Flow Screening Machines

LIWELL screening machines have been in operation for decades and are the guarantor for optimal technology in classing feed materials which are difficult to screen.

The special construction generates accelerations on the screen panel, unequalled up to now, of approx. 50 g - where the machine structure is subject to small forces only, of approx. 3 g. Different types and designs of the machines and screen mats provide an optimal solution for every case of application.

The basic principle of the trampoline-like movement of polyurethane screen mats, from loose to tension to strongly stretched condition, is used in all types.

As a result, there is optimal reliability where the problems caused by clogging and sticking grains can almost be excluded.

In particular with classification of moist and/or fine materials, the advantages are very noticeable compared to conventional screening machines:

  • Continuous operation without additional cleaning necessity 
  • Uniform screening results 
  • Higher efficiency and capacity 

The combination of the unique machine principle together with screen mats especially produced by us optimises the results continuously: 

  • Conical hole shapes with better resistance against plugging and thus higher capacity. 
  • Low-wear materials of special polyurethanes with mechanical/dynamic properties remaining constant on a long-term basis.