Lab Equipment

Our analytical screening machines cover a range of analysis from 10²m up to 125 mm. Nearly all applications can be handled by our wide range of air jet sieves and horizontal and vertical vibrating screening machines. Even analytical samples of up to 50 kgs, which may be necessary due to grain size and composition, can be analyzed by our machines with a screening area of 1 m².

  • SLS
  • ASM
  • GAS

Control Screening Machines.

Control screening machines are used to separate foreign substances from powders and suspensions. 

  • SKS


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    SLS 200 (10 to 4000 µm) »

    SLS 200 is intended for the requirements of modern laboratories in respect of a quick, exact, and reproducible grain size analysis of all dry materials for sieving.

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    LAVIB (20µm - 25mm) »

    A flat screening machine with horizontal circular motion. Due to this circular motion the mobile set of sieves which are mounted on an oscillating table impact against rubber isolators. This dramatically...

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    ASM 200 / ASM 400 »

    ASM 200 (20 µm - 25 mm) The ASM 200 is a gravity-screening machine, the three dimensional screening action has a vertical dominance. Due to this motion, the feed material is distributed evenly over...

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    GAS 500 / GAS 1000 »

    GAS 500(0,2 - 125 mm) / GAS 1000(4 - 125 mm) The large scale test graders are designed for analysing grain sizes above 40 mm. The sample quantity increases when testing these sizes, by increasing the...

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    Perflux (for bulk material and suspensions) »

    Impurities contained in powders and suspensions (for example screws, scraps of paper or cleaning rags), can, if they remain undetected, lead to expensive repairs of machines and equipment or may even cause...

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    SKS (for suspensions) »

    Application: The control screen SKS is used for safely removing foreign bodies such as bolts, paper towels, rags or undesolved agglomerates from suspensions. This machine is supplied as a closed system...

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