Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge

Using the Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge, it is possible to achieve the requirements for optimum dewatering. The slurry supplied to the feed pipe is accelerated in a relatively small bowl diameter which is sufficient for the required clarification. Small diameter means low power consumption for acceleration.

The sedimented solids of the clarification zone is thickened in a short cone section (first cone of the TCD). The sump level is variable by an adjustable weir, without influence on drying cone.

  • Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge
  • Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge

The thickened solids are discharged over the rim of the first cone into the much larger second drying cone. Here the cake is re-orientated and the solid cake is broken-up und re-distributed. The larger second cone allows the cake to be situated so that the solids do not fill the area completely between screw (scroll) flights.

  • Clarification and drying in two separately designed and differently proportioned bowl units. 
  • Separate and therefore optimum adjustments of the sump levels for clarification and drying. 
  • No negative compromises between clarification and drying zones. 
  • The second cone provides a larger volume and lower scroll flight loading between the flights.
  • Optimum removal of residual liquids from the thickened cake in the second, high "g"-force and high volume drying cone