Bucket Wheels


The mixture of sand, grit and water is transported to the wheel by a suction dredger, an air pressure dredger, a floating grabber or a preparation plant.  The solids store in the tub of the wheel and are transported by the wheel.  The cups of the wheel are equipped with special synthetic screens with different column weights.  The extended suction chambers create a natural vacuum, which reduces the dewatering grade to a minimum.   Installed in the tub are numerous adjustable overflow weirs. These weirs allow extraction or dropout of sublest sand. Our specialists are at your disposal for the construction of the dewatering wheels.

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    Dewatering wheel E 80 FS + E 150 FS For recycling - water streaming device to clear out fine sand. The waste water with the fine sand is transported to the wheel. E 150 FS, dewatered and delivered. The...