Tema Machinery launch Air Suspension for Aggregate Screening Machines in the UK.

18th January 2017

Tema Machinery have launched the Steinhaus/LuCoTec air suspension System. The new suspension system for aggregate screening machines is user friendly and is easily retro-fitted. 

Significantly reduced vibrations

Offering significantly reduced vibrations in the support structure the suspension system reduces noise level and provides more throughput and better classification. The screen angle can be altered within certain parameters by changing the air pressure feed and discharge end.
Due to reduced energy consumption recovery of costs can be achieved in a short time.

Part of the Steinhaus/Siebtechnik group of companies, Tema Machinery are based in Woodford Halse, Northants and are a leading supplier of aggregate screens for the Quarrying Industry. Within their portfolio is a range of aggregate screens including the Liwell ‘flip flow’ screening machines, and the extremely efficient Delta screen.