Health & Safety

Company policy on Health & Safety at Work.

At TEMA (Machinery) Limited it is company policy to take all reasonable and practicable steps necessary to ensure the health and/or safety of it employees, and all other parties who may be affected by the company’s activities.

To this end the Managing Director has taken personal responsibility for ensuring that all steps aimed at ensuring the health and safety of all parties are taken, and that the company’s policy on Health & Safety is effectively communicated to all employees and that they understand and adhere to it.

All employees are made aware of their responsibilities under current Health & Safety legislation, and of their obligations to conduct themselves in such a manner as to minimise the risks of their being injured whilst at work or of causing injuries to others, either directly or indirectly.

TEMA (Machinery) Limited will take disciplinary action against any employee who wilfully acts in a manner that jeopardises their own or others health and/or safety, and in extreme circumstances this may result in dismissal.  Third parties working at any of the company’s sites, such as contractors, that fail to act in a safe manner will be subject to other appropriate action being taken by the company.

It is one of the company’s key objectives to provide a safe working environment at all times.

This statement of company policy is reviewed annually.