Enviromental Policy


Tema (Machinery) Ltd is committed to managing its activities in a way, which seeks to meet the interests and concerns of all shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the general public.

The Company recognises that:

  • Care for the environment and continual improvement in environmental performance are fundamental to business success;
  • The Company’s activities have an effect on the environment;
  • The design, specification and procedures relating to certain contracting operations may lie wholly or partly outside the Company’s control or influence.

Tema (Machinery) Ltd is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure the effective implementation of its environmental policy throughout all its activities.


The Company’s Environmental Policy is to:

  • Meet all applicable legislation, regulation, government guidelines, and industry codes of practice;
  • Establish environmental standards, codes of practice and procedures where they do not exist;
  • Seek to minimise environmental disturbance in all activities;
  • Seek continual improvement in our environmental management;
  • Wherever possible, make efficient use of natural resources by, amongst other actions, minimising waste, conserving energy and water and promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials;
  • Incorporate consideration of environmental issues into commercial decision-making, applying this particularly to new developments, projects and acquisitions initiated by the Company;
  • Promote, through training and other initiatives, environmental awareness, understanding and individual responsibility amongst staff, in order to ensure that their working activities are carried out in line with the Environmental Policy;
  • Work with contractors, subcontractors and major suppliers to ensure that they are aware of this policy and that they apply compatible environmental standards;
  • Identify the key staff, including a Board member, responsible for implementing and reviewing the Policy Statement;
  • Respect, and where possible improve, the environmental quality of the locations in which work is carried out.


  • Overall responsibility for ensuring implementation of the above environmental policy rests with Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Manager and the managing director of the company. They assign responsibilities for detailed implementation to line managers.
  • Tema (Machinery) Ltd is committed to implementing this policy throughout its activities and operations through procedures incorporating appropriate targets and objectives which will be regularly reviewed and revised.


Tema (Machinery) Ltd is committed to making the policy available to all staff, and to the public on request.


Tema (Machinery) Ltd is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance. This is reviewed at Board level at least annually and this policy statement is reviewed regularly