About Us

TEMA Machinery Ltd is part of the TEMA/Steinhaus/Siebtechnik group of companies that emerged from the first business established by Mr W H Steinhaus in 1925.

The group has now grown to over 40 companies, with approximately 1800 employees worldwide. TEMA was founded to market the group's products and has representation on all continents and many countries.

TEMA Machinery Ltd was incorporated in 1961 to promote the groups interests in the UK. Based originally in Banbury, Oxfordshire, we had the opportunity to move to factory premises in Woodford in 1990 to start manufacturing polyurethane screen panels for the European market while maintaining our primary function of selling our group's equipment in the UK.

The acquisition in 1992 of another large group similar to ours, enhanced our delivery programme and allowed us to refine our structures to provide specialist experience and equipment wherever required.